blurry pics

 we start with the snail's indentation marks on the nectarine: proof they do have teeth; I'm sure it was a snail as there is also evidence of it's slimey footprint, which lights up as the whitish spots in the photo's

I'm delighted as my small loom arrived today and I too can start experimenting with tiny samples in Jude's class; small beginnings

trying to take pics of self wearing a shirt I had originally intended to use as a lining in a would-be reversible linen jacket (back in boro class last year)...way too complicated for me, couldn't be bothered to get caught up in that kind of detail; it was dyed in a black bean dye last summer and as I liked the dot-results better on the inside I decided to cut it apart and turn it inside out, although I have kept the sleeves intact and am going to leave them outside out as the seam is so neat and tidy; I'm hand stitching the whole shirt back together again and that is one thing I would never have imagined wanting to do, let alone enjoy!  It was a large shirt to begin with and is still fairly loose so I'm going to use that quality (it's silk as well and has a nice sway) and will have buttons on front at hip-height, a wrap-around drapey thing over my tummy, a light material as well and home-dyed of course, don't quite know yet how I will attach the two...will see; still have the edges to sort out and then hopefully will be able to wear it soon

cherry dye

....will post results later....


Julie S said…
1.I love being on your porch in the summer, esp with the tablecloth.
2. On the right hand photo, your snail sculpted a map of Texas.
Suzanna said…
Yes, that snail definitely has a sense of design. Very snazzy shirt! I love the hand sewn seams...
Saskia said…
ha Julie
1. you are very welcome
2. so the snail is not just a hungry snail but a geographically gifted one as well

Hi Suzanna, hand sewn definitely adds a little 'je ne sais quoi'
I personally was quite taken with the heart-shaped design (not being geographically gifted I didn't realize it WAS Texas, so couldn't appreciate it as such)
love how i can gain such pleasure
from your fashion designs. this
and so many others are things i
would have done for myself in the past...and no longer have the urge
for. so i can vicariously enjoy
them so much...this one is just
very elegant....
like thinking snails have teeth
Saskia said…
yes Grace, very tiny teeth.....the urge to transform clothing into something I would (and will) wear has grown stronger now that I am learning so much about sewing and this ol' cloth business with Jude and you and everyone, I now enjoy it so much more; before I had this notion of only wanting to make a piece if it was 'perfect' now I just love the whimsical results growing from my hands
Nancy said…
A little snail love maybe?!!
Saskia said…
oh Nancy: these video's are great!



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