how all is woven together, more or less

 silent stones gazing up at the exhibits; Saumon Rose has obviously seen something to smile about......the OldBirdKing in his summer cloak, BirdBoy deciding how he's gonna tackle this branch; they let me exhibit my woven results, as long as I promised to clean and tidy up, lazy sods; honestly, sometimes I think they forget it's my studio....that is the way it goes though, once you grant people and/or beings rights they think they're entitled to them and clamour when you make demands (which I hardly do) All this is an aside to what I wanted to show you: how it stands today and just how many have arrived and found a place here, how stuff is evolving; how a black dog found a soft spot on the chair

 two most recent weaving attempts; am not at all happy with the first one, but will show some photo's as proof of my struggle; I had woven a small strip on the bead loom and thought it would be great to integrate this into an existing fabric; as far as the green warp threads were concerned an excellent idea, however as I 

discovered whilst threading the greens, I became aware of the flaw in my thinking: even if I removed 'weft-fabric' threads there would still be two layers and the two would never become one, so I finally gave up.
It did lead me to number two however. Below right: not strictly weaving, more of a de/re-construct of the fabric, learning about weave here, I like the result a lot better; I'm using three differently coloured threads, black, aubergine and pink plus the off-white fabric, eventually there'll be two mixed quadrants, one light and one dark one, with of course the black stripes; it's very labour intensive and not something I'll want to keep doing (not on this tiny scale at least) but it is giving me a better understanding about what is actually happening with weaving

experimenting with paper weaving, weaving two pages together; the first attempt I cut 5 strips across, 5 down in a square, after having been woven together you end up with a gaping hole once you turn the united pages (also 'hid' a message, you could also space the letters in such a manner so as to create a second message once woven, another challenge) In attempt number two I cut 4 strips, 2 horizontal, 2 vertical, but this time the verticals and the horizontals came from opposite directions, creating less of a gap once completed; I will probably have to dedicate another post to this paper experiment with better photo's


Nancy said…
I hardly know where to start! The group home is so fanciful and interesting that I could look for hours.
Even though you don't care for both weavings, I do. One a bit more rustic, the other more polished...but both worthy of a look and a feel!
Dog and thread nest look right at home. Have a good week.
Debbie said…
I just love what you are doing with all your weaving samples, I agree with Nancy I like both the weavings, and love seeing your small homes, a fascinating post.
Saskia said…
hello there Nancy, see you've been catching up; I guess I wasn't clear about my weavings, 'cos I do like number two (number one is just so ugh)
hi Debbie, well praise and support coming from a weaver I suppose I shouldn't complain.....
Mo Crow said…
wow what a wonderful exploration Saskia!
ALL of it...your curiosity to try so much...the green warp is Great
but pic 16...i could sit a look
at this all day. Love this.
Saskia said…
exploration is the name of the game, Mo

I know Grace, those dye results are amazing and the colours hold so well



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