it's brown and jumps and is definitely not a vegetable

 Django was obviously disturbed about something and he was trying to get my attention and at the same time catch a potato that had rolled under my desk in the was only after having looked properly I discovered not only was the potato moving, it had turned into a toad! All of a sudden I was very excited as well, I too was down on all fours also trying to catch the toad, preferably before Django did, a near impossible task; so I first had to lock Django out of the kitchen, to keep him from possibly harming the poor toad. I then followed the toad across the kitchen floor until he had cornered himself very close to the back door, which I quickly opened whilst carefully holding him; I then placed him gently onto a brick just outside, from which he could escape........
 for all my efforts, he didn't so much as throw me a glance, leaped to safety

 and crawled under a nearby plant. I could see his tiny heart throbbing and I assume he was feeling very relieved at having survived this scary ordeal. I don't know if he accidentally wandered in or he was transported in via Django's mouth (who I'm sure would not have eaten him!) or perhaps this was an adventurous toad who had bitten off more than he cared for. He does at least have a tale to tell those who had not ventured into our house and were more than happy to hear about rather than experience for themselves daring excursions into the Unknown!

the shaken-now-brave toad


the Leap to safety pic...YES!!!!!
GO toad!
Nancy said…
More blurry beasts over here! lol Glad he made it out of this adventure safely.
Saskia said…
good morning girls: I think we were all relieved!



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