cherry to dye for results

first cherry dye result a long-sleeved t-shirt, in pics above I'm wearing it front-side front & back-side front, that's the one with the flower imprint; would have been nice to have ended up with that on the front, but this is the way it went and I'm not going to cut it up as it's very thin and I don't want to ruin it. There were also rain water, a dash of vinegar and several rusty baking tins involved in the dyeing process; I still have a hoodie in the mix........patience; in the image below is a weaving experiment with willow bark strips, when moist it stays nice and flat, once dry the edges of the strips curl; I've tried fixing that by pressing the wet mat dry with newspapers and weights on top: to no avail. The willow bark soaked in water also makes for a nice dye: pale purplish, must sort out where the bits of fabric went that were dyed in this manner, to exhibit here, ha


Debbie said…
What lovely results, love the flower motif and the lovely soft colours.
Saskia said…
thanks Debbie, the flower motif transpired thanks to the baking tin, will post pics soon
Nancy said…
Wowzee! I love this shirt, the dye is fabulous!
Saskia said…
it was a complete surprise, Nancy, of course now I'm trying out the flower-tin-can-motif on more shirts!



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