what I wear

 after a delightful afternoon spent with birthday girlfriend M plus her guests at Fort Vuren, I walked back to my car on the dike along the river Waal
 I cannot wear white, 'cos whenever I do the item of clothing worn will become dirty within minutes: I spill coffee and/or tea, smear the chocolate coated fingers on piece of clothing (this will only happen when wearing white) accidentally brush against the dust covered car door; when my husband is cooking and I happen to venture into the kitchen, the spattering oil will only spatter on me; I once sat in a garden chair and moved it to a sunnier spot - wearing a pair of white linen trousers for the first time - and out of one of the chair's tubes rusty rain water leaked straight onto the trousers, the stain was permanent; if none of the above has occurred the dog will inevitably jump up at me with muddy paws; so I avoid wearing white, but as I do receive bags full of clothing through various channels and some of the items are white and nice, as in, I would like to wear them, I decided to start dyeing the white pieces and either leave them as they are if they fit properly or modify to suit me; a white piece has become the perfect piece as it is literally a blank canvas for me to work on
a hoodie, dyed, no further modifications

long sleeved t-shirt with bird dye result has gone into the dip a second time to enhance the bottom part: much better

tiny weaves on silk shirt I've turned into something I can wear; the tiniest hole I didn't bother to cover, I just stitched running stitch up and down, left-to-right; on a larger hole I did weave the warp/weft where the hole was and onto the third largest hole I added a tiny square of fabric and sewed it with a kind of weave-look 

cream coloured silk shirt size L, bought at Kringloop specifically for Boro class with Jude, dyed with black bean dye, cut sleeves off and turned back and front inside-out because of better markings on the inside, made the whole smaller; patched up small holes with weaves; sewed on two long strips so I could tie it around the hips/waist, added cotton cuffs; along all edges many tiny stitches

 India Flint's Eco Color pointed me in this direction, what I have loved most of all in that book was the fact that the end result didn't have to look finished to be finished; I have gone on to buy another of her books Second Skin, which I'm only starting to discover


Liz A said…
Wonderful woven mends ... funny how holes and tears are no longer problems, but opportunities to stitch!
Saskia said…
wow Liz, that was quick....thank you and yes, you're right about those holes-as-opportunities;-)
Mo Crow said…
I like how stitching the holes & dyeing the stains is making the clothes better with time!
Anonymous said…
gorgeous!! I try to cover up with aprons to avoid some of the spills and spatters of living, but it often doesn't work! I have to get that second book of Flint's...
Saskia said…
quite Mo! time to embrace the spots, dots, holes and stains (a lot like aging itself....)

you should treat yourself to the book Dee, wearing the clothes offers me Freedom in DailyLife, plus I have to say several friends who've seen the shirts etc 'in the flesh' really like them!



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