a day out

went shopping in Dordrecht this afternoon, our youngest needed new clothes , a pair of shoes and some fresh air away from the computer; Dordrecht's about half an hour's drive from us, a town I hardly know - I have 'reported' on earlier visits there to Villa Augustus - but I have never actually spent time walking in the town center, which luckily for me, is dotted with lots of lovely small shops, boasts several picturesque canals and is situated along a wide river, offering stunning views and adding a touch of grandeur to this provincial town

parking lot view, pretty amazing; below we have entered the garden of Villa Augustus, a place I keep returning to as it has so much to offer

there he goes casually holding the world in his hands
we leave the garden through this majestic gate; back home 'tis weaving that keeps me busy; this time a Shadow Dog - the black figure on the right - with four balls on the left to play with

 OldBirdKing's loyal friend Shadow Dog has been eaten for the most part that is, by our studio snail; this has saddened the old King and so I decided I would weave a small wrap for him, reminding him of his faithful companion, keeping him warm as Autumn with it's evening chill draws nearer

 he poses ever so patiently; doesn't he look remarkably healthy? I like to think so; below a small red&white rug for the kitchen, made with butcher's twine, a little bit of fun


Anonymous said…
how fun to see another part of your world! and the BirdMan looks - healthy? - how about REGAL! love all the weaving... I have baker's twine and should try as well!
Liz A said…
The OldBirdKing in his robe ... a shadow of his former self, but regal still!
Saskia said…
hi Dee and Liz, Regal, yes He still is (and Kind as well)



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