repeated last Sunday's walk with two friends this morning; again we gathered around Tungsten's grave, no seeds but I 'planted' an old stump with an eye on a ribbon, a gift for him from friend A. who brought it back with her from her travels in Marocco; I like to imagine he's not alone out here but looked after and surrounded by the wild animals

how the willows grow

back home, playing with fire, a walnut dye pot left to simmer, I'm trying to get the old dyes from several pots to become a kind of walnut-concentrate, dark enough to use for printing; coffee pot on the go, my first outdoor brew of the year, coffee tastes so much better out in the open air, suppose everything does really

frog and gnome still wearing their winter moss

quote found years ago in a newspaper

it's not a pretty front garden, but we like it

yet another attempt at getting the 'fine-wavy-lines' on a different cloth, so far I have been unsuccessful, just gotta keep on going


Mo Crow said…
a beautiful honouring for Tungsten and thank you for sharing your experiments with creating tideline cloth!
Nancy said…
I'm glad you were able to plant a stump for Tungsten. I'm sure this will help with your process. It's a lovely way to remember and honor him.
And you are so right...things DO taste better outside...and I'm usually hungrier after being outside!
Anonymous said…
oooh, Tungsten. important to honor and remember, isn't it? on another note, I happen to think you DO have a pretty yard. in fact, every angle of your humble abode delights! love that sign, today, the most.
jan said…
saskia what a wonderful fire-pit you have! Good luck with the tideline dyeing. And thank you for showing us where Tungsten rests. It's nice to think the creatures around there will enjoy his company.
Saskia said…
dear all, Tungsten has been and still is such a large part of my life here....his life and death has offered me many lessons on love, compassion, companionship, just being here in the moment; I miss him and am grateful he shared his life with us
Stitching Lady said…
I love your thoughtful post -nice to start the day with - as I did!



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