in the spirit of Nancy's walks-in-images I thought I'ld do something similar this afternoon on my walk from the nearby village (where I'd parked my car because of bad time-management!) to the town of Leerdam where I had an appointment at the hairdresser's & I had some shopping to take care of for both our boys; they will be on their way to Italy tomorrow on a school trip, the eldest will visit Rome and the youngest San Miniato and they needed toothpaste, shampoo etc; here we go.......
pic above: the dike from village to the so-called village castle, in the distance you can see the river the Linge in the pic below:

very old fruit trees, apples I think:

 the 'glasfabriek' situated along the river; Leerdam is famous for it's glass and boasts several famous designer/artists such as Copier and Wim and Bernard Heesen (father and son) 
 having crossed the river you walk into the harbour area, from thereon into the town itself, where I didn't take any photo's because I was too busy shopping and I forgot
 on my way back I noticed other sights, like this shed
 a moss covered tree......
 another tree with very strange looking bark 

it's almost spring so there's a lot of cutting, chopping and sawing going on, thankfully many trees still remain standing

 back in the studio, I finished another birthday booklet for J, will be wandering off to her place in a sec, yea yet another walk to a different town: Gorinchem; I'll meet my husband there and drive back home with him

 that's all folks, here's me signing off with my new hair;-)


Marti said…
I have enjoyed my walk along with you Saskia and especially the stop at the tree with the unusual bark. When I look at this tree, I feel a strong spirit. I am always drawn to eerily otherworldly trees because to me they hold power, mystery and most of all, magic*
jude said…
i like the first picture an your new hair
Nancy said…
Awww...thanks for the mention Saskia! What always strikes me when you post photos of your part of the world, is the 'space'. There is so much land to see and experience. The other thing I notice is the color of your world, so different from around here.
Nancy said…
Ooops...forgot to say how much I like the booklet and how you wear short hair so well. I'd be too chicken for that! My hair just keeps getting longer and longer!
Saskia said…
Marti: isn't that bark amazing?! it continues all the way up; I assume it's a disease, but apparently one the tree can cope with
thank you Jude&Nancy re hair, short hair is what it'll have to be, as it doesn't seem to grow fast on my head;-)



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