fabulous mail

 an eagerly awaited envelope from Australia arrived yesterday: beautiful earrings from Roz, I'm so happy I want to keep them in.....am off to Copenhagen tomorrow with my mother and sister visiting family (on my mother's side): aunties, cousins, nephews, nieces and squeezed in between perhaps some shopping, how delightful
I love the asymmetry
I've modified these two pieces, bringing spring colour; above I have only added a green bird print, below I've cut the piece in half and sewn straight colourful lines of running stitch and made a 'wire-doodle'
they are now Spring Birds, they will fly along with me to Denmark as presents


Mo Crow said…
Roz's silver magic looks fabulous on you Saskia!
look how softly you look upon them...they make you even more beautiful. and i thought, Roz
can now look forward to your
hair, which i continue to ENVY

and i like VERY MUCH the wire
with the cloths...
Nancy said…
Oh Saskia, the earrings are wonderful and somehow go right along with the cloth!
Enjoy your family time :)
Debbie said…
Lovely cloth again and love the hanging doodle, brilliant idea.
Anonymous said…
oh, oh, oh... swooning over the stitches. the birds and you flying off in beauty! I hope you have a wonderful time.
Susan said…
Your printing + stitching is wonderful - Love the different colors of thread over and through the bird print.



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