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walk in the woods with youngest son K. to the fallen tree, a huge willow; he spotted it on his bike-ride home the other day; for a change of scenery he often cycles back through the woods, according to him it's a lot less boring than the straight road home; I am a happy mum when he says things like this. 

 the obvious difference between this boy and his mother: he immediately climbs onto the tree and I stand watching and hadn't even considered clambering up, I take pictures; I also measured the length of the tree by taking big steps along side it: 28 plus the stump-left-standing I'ld guess at 30plus metres.

on our walk back I asked him what he thought of my work on the Project and all the stories of the beings dwelling there (the reason I popped the question was because my Danish family wondered what my boys thought of me and my fanatastic world? I'll have to ask them I said, but I think they're just used to me and what I do)
K. answered: well, mother at least you are able to express yourself with all this creating and I think that is a good thing.

I just had to smile

house with verandah-in-winter-mode i.e. enclosed, as the trees are still very naked you can see all the way to the back of the garden, where the dike forms a 'natural' border; below the plum blossom, I wish you could smell it's sweet fragrance


Marti said…
This time spent with your son, so very good this sharing as was his response to the question of your project. My daughter, son in law, our almost 5 yr old twin grandson and granddaughter were here for a week. Upon entering our home, my daughter looked at my cloth work for the first time and was so surprised at how much she liked my cloth wall hangings. When I began to work with cloth, she preferred that I keep on with my writing, do less with cloth. Her twin sister is the one who understood the that eldest daughter (by 3 minutes !) has seen them on my wall, she feels differently and thinks they are another facet, a wonderful one of me her mother. Perceptions, reality, photos, one thing, cloth up close, to touch and see, another...all continued sharing of life.
i love it Under your deck. i could
live there.
Debbie said…
A house out of a fairy tale, amazing.
Nancy said…
It's beautiful to read of this time with your boy. My son and I used to have philosophical discussions at midnight. I miss that. I miss him.
I love seeing your place. It is so fine :)
Anonymous said…
wise kid! your yard and surround looks huge when photographed from the inside... I am surprised to see how contained it is. Happy Spring!
Julie S said…
no wonder Little Bird loves is here, our houses appear to be the same color of blue! PS he is asking how to play baseball, as the season opened officially this week.
Saskia said…
Marti: as I grow older together with my mother (who will be 80 in June!) we grow closer, there is more mutual respect and as we both are always eager to learn more and expand our horizons, we both see the other constantly evolving, learning new skills maybe, or developing a taste for running (my mother strated running 5 years ago) on it goes, this is good; I like that your daughter has come to embrace your cloth-adventure and that you can share this new chapter, these things matter

ha Grace: in Spring, Summer maybe even Autumn yes, but Winter: no way, it's not the cold I worry about, it's just we have so much rain here, you cannot imagine....but of course you could then stay in the studio-attic: we have a double bed there, so by all menas be my guest!

Debbie: there are days when it does feel like that, especially the 'quiet' days when there is nothing but bird-song or the sound of leaves rustling in a gentle breeze.

Ah yes Nancy, the talks with your son, you have mentioned this before and I like the thought of you two talking into the small hours....the intimacy between a parent and their offspring, it is to be treasured.

thanks Dee, you too! he is wise, I am often taken by surprise at how mature they are, or should I say how pure their view still is, unobscured by 'life' and thoughts of how things are supposed to be (I remember how I loathed hyprocrisy as a girl)

Oh Julie, I love the idea of our houses being the same blue (well part of our house is)
my, my, SmallBird is full of ambition! btw is he still leaving messages?
Heather said…
It sounds like you have a lovely, thoughtful creative son! Good job!



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