walk with husband and museum revisited, life and death on a sunny sunday

we started our walk in the 'griend' near to where Tungsten is buried, this is his grave, strange to think of him buried there but that's how it is; it's a bit bare, I must remember to bring some wild flower seeds for sowing next time we come here

we wandered through the 'griend' still airy and light without the leaves, willow pussies against the blue

grassy bushes along man-made lakes, they're like little islands, in the bright sunshine they make me smile, on a more grim day they're a lot spookier and remind me of 'the day of the Triffids'
up left you can see a tiny car driving on the dike
here we've just crossed the dike and in the background is the church spire in the village  of Asperen, in the foreground a bunker from the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie

 past the gate (we don't always follow the paths) over an old bridge

an uprooted tree being upheld by it's neighbour

 a buzzard's remains
after a bite to eat, my husband dropped me off in town at J's house and we went on our cultural trek through Gorinchem; we (re)visited the Museum and stood talking here in front of this piece: 
 you get why I like it; the artist himself was there as well and he came up to us and we chatted and exchanged tales and before we knew it the museum was closing! 

title 'de schaduw van Bewustzijn = the shadow of Consciousness'
what it means is, whilst alive we are the being we are in the body we experience as ours, once dead we are no longer this object, nor are we the name we were given, we 'regroup' as it were and return to the collective consciousness; what remains of us is but a shadow of this conscious being we once were, our 'essence' is once more part of everything; this is what I understood of what he told us, I may have got it wrong. The artist Henk van Dalen can hardly be found on the internet, he doesn't have a computer, site etc, so I'll just have to visit him in Dordrecht and take more pics of his work.....

after this lovely encounter J and I walked back to our respective homes; so here I am on the dike heading eastwards....

 ....with the sun setting on my back, almost home


Nancy said…
Oh Sax...there is sooo much here! Dear Tungsten. Do you know the children's book Miss Rumphius? She plants lupines on her travels around her part of the world...this after traveling the world. Do you have lupines there? Maybe that would be nice :) As you can guess, this is a favorite book of mine!

Here we call the pussy willows!

Why do some gates call to us? Come through won't you, there's much to see!

I love the first bridge pic with the empty green space and tree line...so serene.

The 'buzzard' has very hawk like feathers. What kind of bird is your buzzard?

YES! I can see why you like the art installation! Right up your alley. Please do share more.

Every time you write/photograph the dikes, I recall the childhood story of The Boy Who Held Back the Sea. It always fascinated me. Your last pic with the sunset is stunning! Was it warm? We are having a heat wave :) No surprise, huh?!! It was 85 today, low 80's all next week. That's how we do winter in SoCal! lol
Debbie said…
What lovely images, you must have had a beautiful walk and the sunset, so picturesque.
I can totally see why you like the installation I love what the artist had to say, so expressive, and comforting to think you go back to a collective consciousness, I like that idea.
Saskia said…
hey Nancy: full post indeed;
that book is amazing! I have checked it out on the internet (the joys of modern times) and love the illustrations, she looks both lady- like AND very strong-minded, like the favorite aunt who challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and seek out strange places, meet different kinds of people.....
I love lupins, they alas do not love our heavy clay soil, I have decided to plant/sew what will grow here and the plants that don't survive or don't self seed, are seldom brought back into the garden.....although I do succumb to buying pretty flowering plants on a whim (my gardening is even more disorganised than my other activities, I do manage to DO lots, but there is NO plan)
You cannot call our mild March weather a heat wave, but it is unseasonably warm, as was this winter: we saw a family of Nile ducks in town mum, dad and 4 ducklings!

Debbie: very comforting and it is a nice idea, I guess if I were a believer, this would be my religion
Saskia said…
sew meant to be sow, freudian slip or what
Mo Crow said…
Oh my, you have found a kindred spirit indeed with Henk van Dalen



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