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last weekend I was in Copenhagen with my mother and sister visiting family - my mother is Danish - staying with one aunt, dining at another aunt's house, invited for coffee in yet another abode; we talked a lot! saw many cousins, nieces, nephews, it was great, saw lots of Copenhagen as well and luckily enough the sun was out

one of my cousins (or cousin-once-removed) lives in this apartment block (above) of which there are quite a few in Copenhagen, they are much coveted by the Danes: lots of period features (which period I'm not sure) beautiful high-ceilinged stately rooms and a tiny kitchen at the back, her place also has a wonderful view of one of the many parks (no pic)
Anyway, visiting and staying with family was wonderful, lots of fun and we all agreed we have to do this again, once a year at least!
I love these colours, everytime I visit Denmark I promise myself this year I will paint our house and then cannot decide on the colour: blue, red, orange/ day...who knows; this particular square is one I went to (many years ago) with a friend, on the lookout for the 'in-crowd' you can imagine in the summer it's full of tables, chairs and people! Nowadays I prefer coming here during the day, walking, looking and then going back home to my own bed.

card from one of the many boutiques we entered, my mother might order a dress from this one (for her 80th birthday!)

ha, a thirsty dog!
Charlottenborg entrance, the royal Danish academy of fine arts, where I spent a wonderful two months studying art & life many years ago

up there behind those windows was where I painted large canvases lain out on the floor

the garden at the back leading onto the sculpturers' studios, where we sat in the sun and enjoyed our spartan meals in the  evenings


Marti said…
Colors, family, memories and a spectacular dress in a window befitting an 80th birthday, I have so enjoyed this Saskia. Oftentimes when I lived in California, we would go and revisit places where we had lived, checking to see how big the trees had grown that we had planted, etc. Once in a while it was important to me to see my first apartment, a dreary basement apartment that to me seemed like a castle...I remember saving money so I could buy a wooden beaded curtain for the opening that separated the bedroom from the living room and the day that I could hang that curtain, I truly felt that I was a grown woman at age 18!
love it when you take Us on a walk.

love this garden out back...i can
imagine you..
Saskia said…
hi Marti and Grace, thanks for stopping by; it is rather special to have this second home-country-connection, I have been going there since I was a baby (although I don't have memories going that far back!) and have continued going there as an adult with and without my parents, with and without my own small family (meaning husband and two sons) it is very much a part of who I am, although I'm not sure how to put that into words, it just 'is'

our two boys also feel a bond with this other country, I think this must be a good thing: realising there's a world beyond your doorstep, where you can wander and meet others who might have different ideas, or who may have similar desires, together we grow
Debbie said…
Copenhagen looks lovely all those dusty colours, hoping to get there soon, its on my list of towns and cities to visit.



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