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as if to prove me wrong, I found this flattened toad-specimen on the pavement in town today, followed by the serendipitous find of the earring with fake pearls and a cross.....I refer to the entertaining conversation I had with local bookshop keeper at de Mandarijn about all kinds of subjects, philosophical, political, artistic and trivial.....somewhere amidst all this I disputed human beings own souls, and at that exact same moment remembered my dog, whom as you know I hold in great esteem, and had to admit to the possibility of animals perhaps possesing a soul; 

was it then a coincidence afterwards to find the lifeless skin and a symbol of life-after-death providing me with at least a question mark to the possible existence of such a thing as a soul?

 what I really like about wandering into an actual bookshop is finding a book you weren't looking for, or had forgotten about and when you see it you realise you do want to buy and read it, btw I love this particular Penguin edition, new to me:


Joan said…
Lifeless skin... a soul . Your words are catching in my chest.
Nancy said…
Mmmm...and is it any coincidence that I have had nothing but these considering thoughts for days and days now, since my friend's son passed away.
Love the advice on the back of the book :)
the thing about "souls", the
thing i like, is that no matter
whether we dispute them or not,
they are or they aren't...of their
Own accord.
this tender bird/skin being....

mary gauthier
Wheel inside the Wheel
with tania elizabeth
Mo Crow said…
doesn't everything have a soul? aren't we all just pieces of the soul of our beautiful planet Gaia?
I love The Secret Life of Bees, a beautiful tale well told & the film is very good too
Saskia said…
to all:

this thing we call soul, to me at least, is an ephemeral entity, the twinkle in your eyes, the breath on your lips, the tremor of the beating heart at the sight of a loved one....the fear of heights as-i-grow-older, the pain of parting, the quiver within when touched, yes to all this as an affirmation of life (and death), how the soul moves through everything



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