Saturday, 26 October 2013


I call this one 'the small house (sewn with two shades of pink)'
I'm now thinking what if I did a whole bunch of these and laid them out on the floor of an empty space (which I don't have)
a flat pack home of sorts, make do, temporary living, tents....moving moving, lots of associations from such a small piece

these last three pics and the top one are of a piece of cloth I had forgotten about, it was in a zinc container with all sorts in it outside for quite some time; it had become covered in black bean stains and rusty marks, I didn't like it and overdyed it with clamped coins in the acorn-tin-can dye and then it was just more stain-like and way too dark, but not quite dark enough; I was rinsing it and feeling quite unsatisfied with the results and as I had just been cleaning the toilet with bleach (oh we artists lead such an adventurous life) I said to self: why not try and bleach it? and so I did, and I do like it now 


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the second photograph, the
one in the back...looking through
other posts for a pic of the whole
of it..didn't find...
can you show more of it?

Saskia said...

of course;-)

Nancy said...

I love how the light pours out the open welcoming!

Saskia said...

hi Nancy: you mean in the top photo? I hadn't seen the door, to me it was either a mound or a bird

there you go, different eyes see different things

Mo Crow said...

love that dark crow in the cloth

Saskia said...

oh yes Mo, a BigBird