back on earth, fall colours

I cannot believe I never noticed these bright pink seeds before.....

kleine vos=small fox in Dutch=small tortoiseshell
funny how different languages come up with different comparisons for the same butterfly, both pointing towards another animal;
whatever it's name, I think it's such a beautiful creature, he let me get real close for these pics. 


a collection of sorts: from left to right a budding potato, an unlucky fly, green apple, black apple, lemon, tangerine, tomato, pepper, carrot, bone; I don't know why but I've always liked the look of fruit and vegetables shrinking and becoming a small object that hardly resembles the original, something about time passing and every living thing disappearing into everything else; I of course notice this same kind of change on my own body and skin: how the wrinkles and folds increase, how life leaves it's indelible marks; I don't mind as I see it as proof of actual living; I do see how the young don't realise just how beautiful their skin is, I know I didn't at the time either. We aren't always where we are, if that makes sense. 

 walnut/black bean overdye with coin-clamping, a row of suns or moons, depending on the mood. It works especially well with the light shining through, the colours are actually a little bit deeper than on the photo, shades of turquoise, sepia and Naples yellow.

more clamping with small change on left, fabric is folded over and over again with a coin between each layer; on the right: crumpled and clamped as I couldn't be bothered to go in search of clamping objects, both have gone into the walnut/black bean dye.


Nancy said…
Love your things in lines and rows. And you are so right, we aren't always where we are. I was thinking about that today too in relation to the different ways we appreciate, recognize, embrace our loved ones. As I miss my parents, extra, today I think of how younger people (including my own kids) don't really realize how it will feel when their parents are gone. Hope I'm making sense. It was long day.
Thanks for this beautiful post.
Saskia said…
Nancy: you're making perfect sense
Marti said…
Wow do I love this cloth; what an exquisite combination of colors - walnut and black bean dye; feeling of lightness and harmony just comes streaming through this cloth; beautiful Saskia.
the pink things...Maple Tree
i know those very well. love
seeing them at Your house...

and the cloth, welllllll........~
Valerianna said…
Beautiful, pink! I have similar drying experiments going on on windowsills... and love the coin-circles on cloth.
Saskia said…
Marti: thank you, it is particularly good with the light coming thru
Grace: yes maples, not all of them hab=ve pink ones though, the ones in our garden don't
Valerianna: isn't it extraordinary how the fruits etc shrink; I love the crisp outlines of the coins, combined with the dyeing process that's beyond my control is just great.



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