this small cloth simply titled 'the Hare' is a birthday present for J. (not my science friend) another J who's partner N gave me the Press

same Hare-piece hanging....

and yet again how a piece might happen, printed and dyed cloth coming together

this is what autumn looks like in the misty mornings
present for self found this morning

still do not have a title for this one, it is done though

i've incorporated a printed sun and stamped a vague square background for the sun, which btw is stitched with a running stitch without knots

as i'm trying to make dyes with plants found locally (well apart from the black beans) and my intent is on making a dye as ecologically friendly as i'm able to, now with expert advice from friend J. i got to thinking what if i also tried to make my own paper and cloth from local plants, i mean why NOT?
this idea popped into my head as i was driving back home and in my mind an image surfaced overlaying the surrounding landscape: it was that of a map of this area, the Dutch 'polder' landscape where the canals and fields intersect and form a tapestry of oblong shapes on the face of the earth, and how i might well turn this into a print, which could be pressed upon the fabric/paper with the home made dye......then my mind raced on to the thought of making paper and fabric possibly from the same would be a lot of work; it's an idea i can keep at the back of my mind though; i do like the idea of superimposing prints of maps onto the grids, or maybe it's the other way round: first make the print, print onto fabric then sew the grids....anyway enough ideas to keep me busy for the forseeable future

for now: here's a pic of a print on paper made with the acorn (left) and the walnut/bb dye; neither of them very dark, i have tried boiling both the dyes down to see if the colour intensified: nope

cooking & sleeping: looks like Tungsten's got the hang of Grace's WhatIf-post today!


jan said…
you really are cooking on gas at the moment saskia! Looks like everything is up for grabs; what a fertile outpouring of creativity! wonderful to read your posts. thanks for sharing them. I love the hare print; a careful look at my blog-pic for my identity, will spot a hare painting!
Saskia said…
it was the first thing I noticed Jan, the Hare! yep an important animal round these parts



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