today is what i would call an excellent day, the sun is shining, it has a freshness only autumn brings, there are many colours still and walking outdoors is delightful, the dog loves autumn, so that too is a big plus in my book; he enjoys being out there and then coming back indoors to the woodburner and snoring away an afternoon, we share many hours together, i'm busy and he's fast asleep near my feet or awake watching me, oftentimes he's guarding the garden and barking at passers-by, warning me and them

forever I associate these blue-prints with the sea and therefore with Denmark as that is where I was as a child in summertime, or so it seems; memory is funny and arbitrary; it doesn't matter..this is how the story telling works and why for me the cloth becomes meaningful in ways no one else would see; I do hope others see their own story, of course

squares stamped with the walnut dye

clamp resist (well that was the intention) in the dye resulting from the water used for soaking the acorns (the shelled acorns I used for making flour), the soaking extracts the tannins, to which was added a rusty tin can which stood in the pot for appr. a week, the acorn-iron-dye turns fabric mauve! now that is an exciting result; the darker bit was a pre-dyed bit, cannot remember what it was in before

the organized chaos on the work bench

note the print of Jude's post the other day with her quote: 'Art might simply be the awareness of how we might create self. That we do. What happens, and then, what we do about it. The story. And the expression of that.'

what we do

 an expression of self: a small cloth over-dyed with the acorn-iron-dye with coins clamped, what a result a landscape with the moon's journey across the skies

hiding behind what I do


Susan said…
Very inspiring over her! I really like the printing on fabric. Fun to see your workspace and I love the peeking pup. Good company.
Saskia said…
thanks Susan, the Press has really given me a great impulse to move on!!
Nancy said…
I love what you do...and the wonderful creative space you do it in, dog & wood burner included!
I especially like how your photo face peeks at us from the bottom of the mirror where you stand headless! Perfect :)
Debbie said…
Lovely post, very inspiring, love your work, and the moons a ready made picture.
Valerianna said…
Furred beings are great art companions... I find I can concentrate with Pasha around, but not really with other humans. He doesn't take up too much energetic space - or more that our togetherness is one of presence without talking, so it really works. Lots of greatness on your workbench, love the moons across the sky.
jan said…
I love your moons. Reminds me of the lunar standstill I experienced at Callanish stone circle on the Isle of Lewis, back in 2006. Jill Smith writes beautifully about her times at Callanish.
Anonymous said…
I so enjoy seeing how one thing becomes another here -- the squiggles feel (to me anyhow) like the grid gone giddy. Your wonderful description of an excellent day puts in mind how it can really be the simple things, moment by moment, that make a life worthwhile (and it made me miss Jack - he slept near my feet while working all the time too!)
Saskia said…
hello to all:
I'm sad right now as I've just heard T. is terminally ill....can't comment or talk about it now
i have looked and looked and looked
and etc etc etc. love! looking at
all this. and it further inspires
me to go forward with something i've
wanted to do for a long
Draw repetative design on cloth
i've dyed...Why not?!
you are doing just amazing things..
and SO MUCH! this is just so
Saskia said…
Grace, I do look forward to your repetative design, hmm wonder what that might be!?! why not indeed



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