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two late birthday presents have finally arrived from the States, a gift from several friends who follow my dyeing pursuits from a safe distance: thanks ladies for your generous present! the top book is all about how to go about dyeing with natural dyes, with very clear instructions especially about the mordants and chemistry of it all, which is quite bewildering to me; book number two is as the title suggests, all to do with the different shibori techniques, lots of full-colour images to guide me through it all; both books will help me along the dye-path.
It will be a lot of fun.
 so the first square-folding-shibori attempt, creating a dye-grid (I hope) I've cheated a bit with the dye: the very dark blue-green comes from bottle of Biester pigment powder....I want a strong contrast and I'm not sure how I'll manage to fix the colour, but maybe the other new book will offer an answer to that problem!

first results:


this is a whole new world you
have found....
Saskia said…
new and at the same time it feels as if finally seperate strands are coming together, as they should
jan said…
oh these ARE lovely Saskia! I can see what you mean about things coming together. You are on a creative roll, and no mistake! What wonderful adventures you're having! X
Saskia said…
BIG FUN Valerianna, it all feels very free flowing and as the outcome is so very undefined I am enjoying myself a lot

thanks Jan, yes it does feel like an adventure



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