for Grace

is this the one you meant Grace?
top strip of mauve fabric added 'later' I think it works, a lot of reflections in piece and on glass.....

the mauve is cotton, soy mordant, dipped into acorn-tin-can dye overnight with coins clamped


yes. This One. am still looking
to know why it is so pleasing to
me..., still looking.
Thank you for putting it here...
Nancy said…
The printing, dying...many this. I see the season of spooky all wrapped up in this one!
i like the layers
of Understanding about How Stuff
and i like that the dark images
have taken the central space, as
if they are some "code" become
visible for a short time...only.
Saskia said…
goodevening Grace and Nancy, it's really nice reading your comments, for me they make the piece more accesible, as if I had only understood a very small part of it; your words reveal new layers of meaning

I suddenly get the feeling that evreything I make is an attempt at making sense of a life, my life

maybe the attempt is without answers, futile even, but the trying keeps me going, so I guess I will be making more in the forseeable future
Anonymous said…
the fact that you say "maybe these efforts are futile" shows a quality of inquiry I admire, but I want to shout "NO!" These things you make are wonderful, whether or not you or I or anyone can speak the reasons why.

This one puts me in mind of Jude's idea about constructing landscapes in three or four disconnected horizontal chunks (even though yours are connected)... an idea that I have not consciously explored yet, but has been tickling my thoughts.
Saskia said…
hello Dee, okay so not futile and for me they aren't, for me it's all about discovering sounds big and maybe that's why I say futile, trying not to sound pretentious; and what you say about how horizontal chunks create a landscape, it is the way our eye/brain works isn't it, always trying to make sense of what we 'see', labeling it until a better explanation comes you remember where Jude said this so I can go there as well??
patricia said…
saskia--i've been away for a while--and come back to be totally thrilled and amazed with the direction of your work. it's really exciting me. yesterday i used pennies for the first time with a can wrap. now i'm looking at your orbs and really resonating. love that you have a press to experiment with--wondering about the green color? dye? thanks for all of this inspiration.
Saskia said…
hi Patricia, you're welcome;-)
the green's not a dye, but a commercial textile paint I still had; the arrival of the Press has brought countless possibilities, I'm dyeing the fabrics with the home-made dyes and printing straight onto them with both the home-made dyes and commercial textile paints, the range is far greater than I -for the moment- am able to create



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