work continues

well this one is finished, am not yet sure about a title, perhaps 'the birdhouse/'t vogelhuisje'  ca.50x80 cm, cloth on cloth 2012


deanna7trees said…
nice stitched panel. i love your treatment of the torn lace. you made it look as though it was meant to be that way.
Nancy said…
This is very pretty and orderly. I love how the piece of gray trails off like and unfinished sentence. So nice, this is.
Saskia said…
thanks Deanna: actually the lace was torn like this and I placed it where it belongs
Hi Nancy: yes orderly, usually I tend to get 'messy' but I wanted to keep this one as simple and calm as I could
Anonymous said…
stunning! I love the little criss-crossing stitches... and having read backwards from seeing another new composition, it occurs to me that they are companion pieces.

I don't know if this is the side of me that longs for art to enable healing and redemption, but when I see this thing of beauty that you have made, right after reading your thoughts about chaos and existence, I can't help but wonder: can it really be that we are here for no special reason?
Saskia said…
You do realise Dee that I don't Really Know either!!
I make, because I have to, Have To...for me it's a way of facing/confronting loneliness, of being aware of the fact that we are basically alone ( as a person, a species, a planet etc)
I am capable of happiness and suffering as much as the next human being, and I'm lucky in that I have found a way to more or less accept my duhkha (suffering: see Grace's post) through art and I am truly grateful for that and being able to share this with you is something that makes me even more grateful..and I feel less alone
this comment is very much involved
with other posts before and after, just where i thought i'd
begin..catching, up...
but i occurs to me that WE look
like our cloths...and i mean our
physical faces, the tenor of our
physical beings...
i love this cloth because you
call it Finished. and i like that.
and i like it because it is very much a feeling of being complete, finished, yes, but also there is a feeling to it for me that it is asking questions, too.
Anonymous said…
Your work is beautiful. Reason
you are here: Reason enough that
you "had" to make this piece, and
that I saw it and we both were
moved by it. Sandi M.
Saskia said…
hi Sandi: thank you for this comment! for reading my blog and taking time to consider my words and my work; luckily I don't think about the (lack of ) life's purpose too much, I just keep on going and besides what I and others make, I watch our two boys growing up and marvel at their 'own-ness' ; I suppose in a way both the having given birth to them and to my art touches on my mothering instincts, for more and more I have come to realise I make through feeling rather than thoughts, it is not something easily put into words, so I'll leave it at that.



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