butterflies and rotting fruit

today these butterflies appeared in our garden, there are dozens of them
small composition, found the white butterfly feather this morning in the grass

sorrel leaf

and yet another dip into the elderberry-dye, on the left sheer cotton wrapped around copper pipes and on the right thicker cotton wrapped around the elderberry-mush in an aluminium sieve, where I'm hoping the holes will alse make patterns, and as this brew has been going for a couple of hot days: it smells, the delicious alcohol aroma in the air is intoxicating!
elderberry plus copper dye! blues and greens, I really think the copper has had a great influence here.


deanna7trees said…
that leaf looks just like lace. and gorgeous butterflies. haven't seen too many here this year.
Saskia said…
hi Deanna: there are certain leaves that become lace-like very easily it would seem: I have found these sorrel leaves and also poplar leaves dry out like this, but with a much finer vein. The butterfy situation puzzles me, in our garden we've had more different kinds than other years, as far as I'm aware of, but on the whole there are less this summer than other years in the rest of the country.
Saskia said…
the butterfly is called Vanessa Atalanta or Admiraalvlinder



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