lots of stitches and a fresh dye

 the narrow cloth is gathering momentum, there are a lot more coloured threads than I had intended, but this is the way it's going, I guess I'm not the one in control here. it has a lovely warm blankety wrap-around-feel to it already

elderberry-copper-pipe dye result, no mordant, the colours are blue-er and greener than in this pic, but I liked the dog peeping through
and I wrapped yet another bit of cotton around the copper pipes, plus the elderberry mush plus three rusty bottle tops and it's all sat in the tin can with the elderberry-wine, ha ha, it actually smells rather nice;
so it's all soaking and wicking and steeping and becoming something!


deanna7trees said…
i was just here earlier admiring your cloth. i especially love the top with all the colors and your stitching adds so much texture to it. thanks for your comment on my blog. and yes, i'm always trying to merge the old with the new.
Saskia said…
thanks Deanna, your very active life-after-retirement is inspiring; it reminds me of my mother who is on her way to 80, very busy and always on the lookout for something new to learn
Anonymous said…
I agree with Deanna... the way your stitching adds texture to the narrow cloth is amazing... and your dye adventures are all beyond what I can wrap my mind around (yet) and so I love reading about them.
Saskia said…
hi Dee, the stitching here is like an adventure for me: I am learning and enjoying it so much.
As for the dyes: they keep on amazing me as well, I have no grasp of chemistry and yet the dyes are kind to me, haha.



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