random thoughts

went to bed way too late last night, watching the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics....I 'm not really into sports or watching television, but I was impressed with the whole Olympics, the people who have dedicated their lives to something that is Big & Meaningful to them ( and that I can relate to) and last night was like a big party for them and I danced in the living room to Fatboy Slim, George Michael and marveled at how music connects us and cried seeing John Lennon singing Imagine....anyway too little sleep, had to get up at 6 and a long day at the office, came home and crashed, was knocked-out for an hour, had a bite to eat and walked the dog together wth our eldest, saw the flowers and loved the light this time of the year, took some pics and here I am typing and drinking my favourite Earl Grey, alive! and kind of awake.


it is really SomeThing to be
isn't it.
thanks for this Telling. if i
had a TV i would have watched.
Saskia said…
SomeThing indeed!

I'm becoming more and more aware of the fact that the true starting point of everything I do is this need for connection, to be heard and to be seen, to listen and to look; through modern media, through art, in bed, during family meals, in the office; to be human among humans



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