dyes, stitches plus seedling

quite a good dye result from the elderberrymush/liquid/copper/cap-mix

I don't think I've had this many colours in one dye

elderberry dregs
new bundle wrapped around cucumber/onion peels, dipped into elderberry liquid plus copper pipe

I suddenly saw how I could use different size stitches to create a different tension/feel; will be using this deliberately in a whole new piece

seedling from a fruit I ate in Portugal (the lady in the shop said it is called nespre), I'm delighted as at first nothing seemed to happen and then a tiny leaf came through and a bird destroyed this first sprout  and I gave up hope but did not remove the pot: and now a new one has emerged!


Nancy said…
The dyed piece is spectacular!!! Elderberry seems to work magic. Good luck with the seedling :)
deanna7trees said…
fabulous results. don't you just love seeing a little seedling coming up out of the soil. it's still a bit of magic to me.
Saskia said…
Nancy: the copper pipes help a lot in the results
Deanna: yes seedlings are a bit magical
and to both: I so hope the seedling will grow into a plant, who knows even a tree!
the cloth ...
NEED to tend to those pots outside
this one of yours tho is oh so
Saskia said…
you still have cloth-pots on the go Grace?? how wonderful are the surprises they bring us, yes!
look forward to seeing yours.....



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