seeing as I have a weeks' holiday I managed to go into town this morning, monday = market day in Gorinchem, it's nice to be able to do something different on a monday morning;  here's a picture of the canal along which you can see many houseboats, a common sight in the Netherlands

another bundle of joy, very fine cotton fabric wrapped around copper pipes and dipped into yesterday's  elderberry-dye
 when they were still tiny babies
I used to call the boys  ' my bundle of joy' (bundeltje geluk), after they'd had a bath and were dressed in a body suit (rompertje)  I'ld wrap a cotton nappy arond their middle so they could wriggle their legs, in winter they'ld wear tiny vests, with the opening at the back and tiny socks.....


Anonymous said…
with C off to college this week, I, too, am doing a bit of remembering... I love the appellation "bundles of joy".
Saskia said…
you know whenever I say bundle of joy, I feel it; just this morning I saw an eight week old baby girl in a shop: adorable, her tiny perfect feet, I stood behind her mum, just staring and smiling stupidly at this happy baby, gurgling and smiling and safe with her mother.
Nancy said…
...and Joy SHOULD come in bundles...big, heartfelt bundles to be celebrated by all! I remember those days as well.
what is the bloom to the
and i just thought...your elderberries are in aluminum pot?

i gave those to the goats for their morning pellet treats...maybe aluminum might make the difference...will try.
Saskia said…
Nancy:...who knows one day grandchildren
Grace: the bloom is from a hibiscus; and the pot is I think zinc, but what really influences the colour is the copper will post the result later on when the cloth is dry!



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