mother and 3 chicks

mother and child drinking and the made the exact same noises whilst drinking

so I went and got my back 'fixed', aches and lingering pains from a severe case of pneumonia I had three(!) years ago.  The treatment worked really well, I only needed three sessions of cranio-sacraal therapy (translation?), my last this morning and the place the therapist runs his practice is situated in a nice green part of Bilthoven and in the garden I bumped into this family of six: mum, dad and four young peacock-chicks, I guess they're used to humans, they followed me!


Anonymous said…
glad you cd have bodywork to help old trauma... it really works! I love these birds... I used to see turkeys in Brookline (even closer to Boston) after visits to a therapist. Ha!
ohhhh...i was thinking YOU had gotten Peacocks!!!! that they were at YOUR house!!!!!
i was stricken by how much the
hen and her chick reminded me of
the goats. there is such a strong
thread, watchfull mother to innocent young. those eyes.
Saskia said…
good afternoon Dee: it is rather wonderful to wake up without aches and pains.....funny creatures these peacocks, I was surprised she let me come so close.

Grace: ah no, I'm lazy about keeping animals, just the dog to keep me active. We do see lots of birds in our garden, quite a few have nests and they keep returning to the same spots; there are wood pidgeons with messy nests, one couple of wrens with several very ingenious nests, the female chooses the best, a robin-couple and then there are sparrows, great tits, blue tits, a spotted flycatcher, tree creepers, a nuthatch, blackbirds and song thrushes.....and we also have food for these birds: mosquitoes, flies, slugs, snails and worms, etc.etc. The garden has many (fruit)trees and bushes attracting the many insects, attracting the wildlife and lots of bees(!)... Because we like the birds we do not own a cat, and so there are mice and rats, ah well, we try not to bother each other too much



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