and yet another amulet is materializing

a friendly Dee-mon guard in 'her secret garden', still face-less but it's a start.

and the narrow quilt is developing


if i showed up someday, i would be comfortable here.
i see the 3 small trees
and i see what is to me a moth
on the last pic of the long cloth.

i can feel quiet work here. Nice.
Really Nice.
Nancy said…
I love the light and energy here. I thouht the new amulet was so much bigger til I saw the 2nd picture. Love the 'workbench' photo and the colors of the narrow cloth.
it's Sunday now, the next day
and i'm thinking maybe i will always come to this post first,
sit down and settle, then read
your current post. the more i
look, the even more i love your
Saskia said…
goodevening ladies, it's sunday 20:05 here and I've spent a lovely day flitting in and out of the studio, the house, the know those days when you have no plan whatsoever and lots of things get done in a relaxed mood, no hassle just enjoying where you are and what you're doing, or not doing, just looking at the boys, the dog, the man and your comments.
They feed me all, and your comments here are overwhelming, almost.
My studio is my space, I Love being in this space, I love having others there as well and am happy I can share it with you two too.
Oh Grace, to think you'll check here first, amazing!



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