Sunday, 19 August 2012

fruits from the garden

2012 is a bad fruit year: late frost meant lots of blossom were frozen and as a result harvest is meagre.

the elderberry dye gave a bright pink, in the photo left top half, however washing in water and soap turned the colour blue-grey; a nice colour, but the vivid pink was rather spectacular; I've rinsed the top half with water and wonder if the colour will remain;  I redipped the fabric on the right into the dye, rinsed in water, the colours mixed, again will have to wait and see how the dye develops once dry; perhaps if I use them in pieces that won't be washed it'll be okay.


Anonymous said...

the plums and the dye speak to each other and the final cloth takes on the look of leaded glass with the sun coming through - delicious!

saskia said...

delicious indeed!

Anonymous said...

go to Mo'a's blog to see her Window for this Wednesday to see a piece of glass that drives home the comparison!! (8/22)

saskia said...

thanks Dee I went there and see exactly what you mean!