typical Dutch polder, flat lands, here grass for cows and corn, in the distance on the right trees lining the path I take to walk into the woods; I'm standing on a dike along a so-called vliet; there are several names for canals in Holland...

.....the water in the foreground is a vliet...

..and the water flowing into the horizon is called a 'sloot'
a vliet is wider than a sloot and what we call a canal is wider still and deeper.
In the far background standing next to the sloot are Fresian cows, the black and white variety. I'll see if I can take a picture of them some time soon.


i need to leave a pic for you of our counterpart ditches that supply water along the Rio Grande Valley. i look at these
of yours and am comforted, soothed, cradled by their wet
beauty. How amazing a planet this is, for there to be all this diversity. it makes me just so
on my knees with amazement.
I LOVE these. Thank You.
Saskia said…
thanks Grace, yes it is a rich, diverse planet; visiting other blogs all around the globe I have come to see and therefore realise how differet it Is, and every season/day means different things to people (and of course all creatures and plantlife) depending on where you live. I look forward to seeing 'your' ditches. We have had two particularly wet years: two wet, cold summers and winters and two beautiful spring and fall-seasons. August has been pleasant up till now and looks promising, after a very cold, wet July.
I have received Leirre Keith's book and got started last evening, this book is relevant to where I am now in my life; I have another book '1493' - a present from my mother - have not started on that just yet, but as far as I can tell it's also about the huge impact agriculture has on the planet, amongst other things....



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