we are stardust

she sits in her secret garden, 

gazing up at the moon and stars

staring loneliness in the face; she hears a sound, it's her youngest son calling out to her: mum, do you know where my trainers are? followed by her eldest: mother, did you know we're out of milk....!

the dog barks: you do realise you promised me a walk!? she shrugs and wanders out into the world


Anonymous said…
This piece is extraordinary, and I love you showing it embedded in the talk of the day. It brings it to life. Your fabric combinations are striking - I like how the orange stems arc around the piece and the stitching along the raised embroidery of the vintage cloth is truly lovely... I can see it hanging with the bird/lace piece!

PS I love the reflection of your legs holding up the quilt in one photo! funny!
Saskia said…
hi Dee, thank you for your lovely comments! and the legs are also funny as I'm talking about how 'she' is sitting, and I only noticed them later....
and the story 'came' to me whilst walking the dog this morning, as so many good thoughts do (a good time for effortless thinking is walking, so too is having a shower) again thank youx
jude said…
wow, what a great story cloth.
i keep emailing you with the address for the stones but mail keeps getting returned as undeliverable....?
do you use many beads in your work?
i have billions different kinds
they need someplace to go
Nancy said…
Love the cloth and the story of an escape to the garden ~ beautiful :)
Saskia said…
Jude: thank you! my daily life runs like a thread through my work, and that is as it should be with two boys in our midst
my email is saskiavanherwaarden@gmail.com
I must have misspelt it, because we recently changed providers and things got mixed up
Oh Grace: you say billions....I have collected beads since I was a young girl and have always used them, I use them for the amulets and I have indeed used them in this piece as well
Nancy: yes it is at the same time an escape from 'it all' and a looking at where I am right now
ali said…
This is rich on many levels. Beautiful, multifaceted work. Do you know the song, "We are stardust"?

We are stardust, we are golden,
we are billion year old carbon,
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

Your work reminds me the song, I must go find the lyrics.
Saskia said…
hi Ali: yes I do know this song, Woodstock by Joni Mitchell; thanks for visiting and leaving such a kind comment; the connection is here.



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