lightness on Sunday

 I pronounce it done, finished; the piece that started life as Grace does(n't ) do white has undergone many transformations, animals have appeared as they do: the BlueDog even gave birth to a small RedOne (wonder how that came about) and the Old Bird watches and reflects on what he sees and what has happened here, whilst keeping a watchful eye on Creamy Cat, who wandered into their midst when no body was paying attention; anyway they have gathered together and will remain so for the forseeable future; at times they hide and are up to who knows would seem to be a trick of the light:
the little Red One has not yet learned to be more careful and thinks hide-and-seek is just a game, ah the innocence of youth

Creamy Cat knows better and bides his time....

fortunately for the small one BlueDog is always near, that is until the bairn is all grown up and has to fend for himself

'respect, big BlueDog' murmurs the cat to no one in particular

'you betcha', croaks our feathered friend

 dye results from zinc basins, above is almost like a positive x-ray; below two bottle caps have created two eyes

I love how the white stayed very white and light in places

looking thru cloth 


Nancy said…
The dye results look great...and your story telling (cloth) is fantastic! I love the tales you weave :)
this so much has a feeling to it, for me, of a
about to begin. the curtain has
risen and all the actors are in place and at any second, it will all begin. the story, enacted and told maybe sung too...all the parts will move about and ..... and....... and.... and then i will blink and all will be back to the beginning, still, as if it never happened, the Play.....
Anonymous said…
so much to love about this cloth - the way it radically changes depending on whether backlit or not, the way one creature lives inside another, the creature that exists because of the stitches all around it... a real storytelling cloth! Can't wait to catch up with back reading...
Saskia said…
more catching up on the comments:
Nancy: as always I am grateful for your comment and the fact you keep on coming back and continue to comment, it just means a lot to me, feeling a connection.
Grace: ah yes, a Play; the strange thing is, or maybe it isn't really strange, is the fact that the characters make themselves: both in the cloth and in the writing: I feel like I'm observing the play unfold all by itself!
Dee: thank you for loving it, yes the changing light brings surprises which I love learning about more and more. I also think it's part of my nature to keep on seeing more sides to almost everything I encounter in life and this is a good way of expressing that



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