a new small cloth with a  more delicate take on the 'rainbow'; the horizontal lines are a very pale pink(!) the verticals are golden, they hold the grey moon on the front and shape the sun on the back

 I continue to explore the possibilities of the grid....that sounds very important, haha
I just have to laugh at myself you know the feeling? I tend to take myself very seriously indeed if I'm not careful, oh and in those moments of pride, omg I don't think I would enjoy meeting that person; so despite the pretentious sounding twattle, I do take the whole business of what I do here seriously, but am not, I hope, overly fussy and full of it!

...and as a reminder of mistakes and faulty cutting of threads: I leave the knots visible, nothing I do is perfect and maybe that's as it should be


jude said…
i got caught in the grid and never felt trapped at all.
Saskia said…
I find the grid very useful to me on my at times steep learning curve; and it works on several levels: as a structure, a departing point for more 'intuitive sewing, as aesthetically pleasing in itself and it helps me look at the whole sewing process from a distance....
helen said…
It's funny you should mention pretention...though I don't find you that way at all.

I visit here often...and love it...but the reason I do not leave a comment is because I am never happy with what I write...always thinking I sound pretentious and stiff, so I delete several times, and then leave - wordless! bah.

Your work is wonderful....and I find all your 'doings' very pretension at all.

I love that little brown fragment in the second photo.
Saskia said…
hi Helen, the brown fragment is from a button dye experiment, following Jude's example over in class; oh thank you for not finding me pretentious, because what I admire so much in your blog is your utter honesty and fearlessness in what you share with us, so thank you very much indeed.
thanks too for leaving a comment, it's nice to know you visit from time to time.



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