noticing small things

's all I can manage really, notice the small things I mean. The bigger picture just boggles my mind. I zoom in on the details, get lost there, wander about aimlessly until something really draws my attention and I stay put for a while.  Move on to a different spot as soon as I'm bored and/or distracted. Find myself moving back and forth between all those dots in my life, tracing what I know and making new connections, which is truly insightful and rewarding, looking at old dots in a new light, wow, blows my mind every time. It's the way it is for me, if you get what I'm saying here. All the images above are from our own backyard!
Today on our morning walk, as we entered the path that leads us into the woods, I heard a child's voice calling to a big sister as she was closing the gardengate. It came from the garden that belongs to the house that's situated next to said path. I was suddenly sucked back years: to our boys' younger days, before they went to school and most of the time it was the three of us together during the day, with the husband working on the week days. Looking back, it seems as if our whole lives were spent in the small world of house, garden and studio. On a sunny day such as this one, we'ld be milling back and forth from drawing and painting in the studio, to sitting lazily in the shade of the apple tree telling eachother stories, sharing a meal on the verandah, watching cartoons on the telly; if it was very hot the boys pottered about naked and I'ld fill the zinc tubs I now use for the dyeing, with water and they sat in them to cool down. The garden full of plants, fallen fruits, flowers, insects and dirt, everything a child needs really to get dirty and experience a part of the world. For a moment I was there again, one of those dots that I cannot go back to, but I can remember it well.

minor additions to Grace does(n't) do white, even though I had declared it 'done': more tiny stitching on the left and a kind of continuation of the lace on the right, I felt the layers needed to be brought together more, this is it (for now)

may I introduce you all to a newcomer in our midst: a tiny toad, named Reeves who I bumped into the other day and came back home with me. He was very excited at having found me, finally. Apparently he'd been wandering about for quite some time, with hardly any belongings and no clue as to where I actually lived. Anyway, he did manage to get here somehow, following a trail left by Frog, to whom he claims to be related, a cousin once or twice removed married his uncle, or maybe an aunt.....He was a bit vague.
As soon as I came back I asked Frog about him, whilst Reeves was taking a shower: 'Please let me freshen up before you introduce me to the gang, I want to make a good first impression', he'd squeeked to me on our walk back to the house. He is very small, you know.  
Frog's reaction was remarkable, he became very upset and flustered, so upset in fact that he came over all polite towards me and begged me not to let Reeves into our lives, please. I couldn't understand and urged upon him that after all he was a guest of the OldBirdKing himself and not really in any position to refuse a visitor. I mean the OldBirdKing has taken up residency in my studio it would seem and has no intention of leaving any time soon I'm glad to say and any guest of the Old Bird King is welcome to stay as long as they want and I expect nothing in return. Anyone seeking refuge  is more than welcome, I pointed out to him that everyone who had turned up here was still here in fact, one extra mouth to feed, especially such a small one wouldn't be a problem. 
'Oh, but there you are wrong, he blurted, you couldn't be more mistaken. For Reeves is indeed a relative of mine, one of my many poor relations, and when I say poor I mean destitute, and when I say many I mean a Lot! As soon as word gets out that Reeves has found a place to have no idea what you are dealing with here! We'll be inundated with requests for money and food and shelter. Before you realise what hit you, they'll be at your doorstep and you won't be able to turn them away, because there are so many of them.....oh my' he heaved a huge sigh.
Well, I was speechless and really didn't know what to make of it and just then Reeves appeared tentatively, all clean with a big smile beaming across his face as he caught sight of the group and I decided I couldn't turn him away. But I would have a chat with him about how he wasn't to tell anybody about his whereabouts just yet(I have no idea how he would be able to in the first place, but you never know with modern communication, word gets around before you've batted an eye these days)
For now, he's here with us and we'll just have to wait and see how this all evolves, won't we?!


Mo Crow said…
a delightful post love that fissured wood? bone? just below the buttons and (((Reeves)))! you tackle the big stories that need to be told by exploring the fine details Saskia
maybe a Hostel? out back?
Saskia said…
goodevening ladies: it's been a busy week, I have spent every day in the office, as just about everybody in our dept is away on holiday, someone has to stay in there and hold the fort....I've done my bit and will have more time next week for life back here and as you have read there's a possible storm in the brewing here!
Mo, it wasn't until the words were actually written and had a think, that I saw more of the larger story
the fissures run along a sheep's skull, the husband found it in a field years ago and brought it home to me knowing full well I'ld appreciate it
and Grace: a hostel, well it feels like a hostel already. Sometimes it feels like a hotel; the service they expect is at times trying and although they do offer to help, their combined efforts do not add up to much if I'm honest, reminds me of two boys who share our house really...however I so enjoy their company I can easily forgive their laziness and lack of participation in the household chores plus they offer me endless inspiration, which is of course priceless
Debbie said…
Hi Saskia, I have just realised I have not been receiving your blog posts so have signed in again using email, I have a lot to catch up with, love the images in this post.
Anonymous said…
the dots, the way they echo and reverberate, collected from a small patch, but together forming a big ole world - Blake's grain of sand comes to mind.
Love Reeves. Love his power to induce panic in Frog. The whole coterie.
And the way a sound can bring back a whole chapter of memory is something we all know, I think. The sound of a screen door slamming takes me to my first memory, for instance!
Saskia said…
hi Debbie: thank you, I do believe I hadn't noticed you joined class ((sorry))there are now so many there it's difficult to keep track of everyone, I'm going to check out your progress over on your blog!

Dee: Frog still hasn't fully recovered from the initial shock, but as is often the case in such matters: all's calm at our gate, no invasion (yet). Reeves is on his best behaviour near Frog and I am more than happy that his behaviour towards me has improved immensely;-)



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