take me in

where is everybody? on the dancefloor!
we had a great party, for those of you who were there: thank you and everybody wishing me well from a far thank you too

sun-man has one blue and one yellow eye

  bright spots of colour in the sun-man-scape, with running stitch

three so-called grid pieces, at various stages of completion; at this point they are already telling me different stories, above is a sun-man, although to begin with I thought it was a grey moon, he's a cheerful character; below, I keep seeing a large sailboat, what the button(s)-dye have to do with this ship is a mystery to me at this point in time

I like the wrinkled effect on the grey silk/cotton 'sky' after the invisible baste; I will make 'curtains' with the blue-grey running stitch on left and right (not yet started) the 'curtains' will run from top to bottom framing the ship/scene

the gold paint could be the reflection of the buttons on the ocean

deciding what colours the beads/dots should be on 'embracing what happens' has been made easier thanks to class: rainbow colours, or whatever I claim as my rainbow range, there will be detours from the main road as per usual 
me and him before the party got going

ending with an upbeat song, time to get up and jump about to Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out, live at Glastonbury 2009


Mo Crow said…
I love the simplicity of your rainbow grids Saskia and that good man you live with is certainly a handsome devil!
Saskia said…
Mo: the simple act of stitching the beads/dots is addictive, or put more politely highly meditative; handsome yes, and also a very good listener, which I believe to be even more attractive; admittedly easy-on-the-eye is very pleasant for everyday use, haha
totally completely SATISFYING
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