what I've been up to these past couple of days

 deconstructing old, leaky verandah roofing
from dark to light

old 'raggels' 

 how open it still looks, the new roof will be see-through corrugated plastic sheets, so there'll definitely be more light; the sweet chestnut provides shade in summer
gone are the leaky roof sheets

p.s. the talk about 'old' over at Jude's was whirling in my mind whilst toiling away with drill and saw; I feel growing old is very much okay, feeling old, i.e. not being able to do what you want to do is where it hurts....as long as I can do my restoring myself I'm old and at peace with that


you're not old yet, girlie.

what i wouldn't give to be there
and work with you .... how good
that would be.
Nancy said…
I'm younger than most of the Spirit Clothers...and I'm ok with old :)
Saskia said…
Grace, oh how Good would that be!!
Nancy: old is a state of mind, unless you are really trapped by injuries or bad luck



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