it's the hottest day this summer, I had wanted to stay home all day, maybe just cross the road and take a dive in the river to cool down; the kids were desperate for softdrinks and crisps, so I made the trip to the co-op in the village and heard this on the radio: 

Dee had a very interesting post the other day and I feel this song is a continuation of the thoughts laid out there


patricia said…
eloquent. elegant. thank you
Saskia said…
she's a brave artist, a courageous person

wouldn't it be something that one day you didn't need courage to just be who you are?!
Saskia said…
note: friday was hotter still, temperatures up to 46 C
Anonymous said…
reading backwards... thanks Saskia - what a powerful performance with a compelling message.

And can I say, I think she's adorable?!!
Saskia said…
Dee: she really is



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