within the space of three weeks we have attended two remembrance services for two people we knew personally and yesterday a Dutch prince was buried; three young people in the midst of life, none of them had reached the age of 50; I turned 50 this year and when I did it didn't seem particularly special, a number. Not something to celebrate.
Looking at it now I realise, once again, how fragile is this thing we call life and I am glad we decided a while back we were going to have a party; that'll be next weekend and we will celebrate life

 I do not know the meaning of it all....but that we should take care of each other and honor the otherness of those we meet, that I do know. I could call that love, but the word means many different things and could sound too big; so simply put, what matters to me and what I try and remember is: look after yourself and those that put their trust in you
Frog was right: word is out and Reeves' poor relations are turning up at our gate; we do not turn them away (of course, we don't  they are more than welcome and one even brought a small gift, a folded flower

 in Jude's class we have returned to colour, rainbows for the moment; I'm working on a smaller version of 'embracing what happens' as I wanted to see what a whole piece would look like with all the dots/beads in place and this way I could combine my exploration with the rainbow-theme: the rainbow-dots/beads will be stitched along the horizontals (the pic is sideways) 

pre-threaded needles, saves a lot of hassle during the stitching process
first impression of what it will look like; working title 'embracing the rainbow'

I end this post with Sting's acoustic rendition of Fragile


Mo Crow said…
This post is so full of light in the strong thin threads of silver that hold us together, that bind our lives and yet are easily cut & set free at the moment of death and the honouring of the holding gently each moment with a dot of rainbow colour... & the prayer flags at the beach... and the visitors & Fragile by Sting... thank you.
the vole's underchin, throat, is
so similar to the Goats'....and
hmmm, i suppose in writing this, to
yours, to mine....
Saskia said…
Mo and Grace: well I've said what I needed to say, insofar as words, images can fully express....I suppose for now this is enough



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