I've added a strip along the bottom, adding 'weight' to the whole; the strip actually started life on the right part of this cloth and was cut away for the hand-dyed linen; I felt the piece was too vague, was falling apart, I wasn't happy with the way it was developing and decided to use black thread, to add contrast; I'm wary of using black - having learned as a painter there is no true black in nature it's all about colours juxtaposed, deluding the eye....
I started with  the cut out circles, representing to me the villages we walked through/around on our evening walks in Normandy and continued echoing rows of stitches.
 anyway, I really like it's effect here and I'm going to continue with black and add white as well, not exactly sure what shapes, but there has to be more definition 


Julie S said…
this is phenomenal ...i jave just scrolled back to see its progress and your stitching is so crestive and alive
Saskia said…
oh thank you Julie, it is a very difficult piece for me, I don't really know why.....I'm always in a muddle during the 'creation' of a piece, I doubt A Lot and cut away and replace and stitch and cut away the stitching, oh it's seemingly endless, and then there's a definite change to the whole feel of a piece and it starts to come together and I breathe more easily and go with the flow and all of a sudden it's done....not quite there with this one, but it's starting to happen ( the going in the right direction!) thank you again! encouragement is truly helpful
jude said…
it is wonderful how this all melted together with stitch. a nice slow one. i feel the going in it.
Saskia said…
thank you Jude, I am amazed at just how much difference the stitching makes; I feel I'm learning so much from this one
it's wonderful when it's so clear that the cloth itself is Teaching.
and the circles are really interesting...their addition changed Everything
Saskia said…
everything, they even changed something in me



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