rainbow in stitches

this one has taken me by surprise, the speed and simplicity of it, I like the rigid 'structure'  of the lines and how they connect through the beads/dots and how once again a piece has evolved that has no back or front and belongs in space

I thought I might add stitching to the pocket, but looking at it I think not
there is a second smaller pocket, where the upper line of basting doesn't connect, almost hidden, a small square of safety


Mo Crow said…
this works so well!
Saskia said…
thanks Mo, it happened
i like that response...
it happened
Nancy said…
I love your work Saskia. And I like that there is one spot where it doesn't connect...kinda leaves a space to let something in...or out as needed.
Saskia said…
Grace and Nancy: I really enjoyed this one, it came so naturally; the little pocket to let something out as well as in, I hadn't thought of it that way
Nancy said…
Hey...I'm back again tonight poking around and this time as I looked at the 'grid' and was instantly reminded of the childhood game where you draw a grid of dots as you have here. Then taking turns back and forth, each player adds one line at a time connecting two dots. When a 'box' is completed you get to put your initial in it. The one with the most boxes wins! I used to love playing that one :)
Saskia said…
hey Nancy, that sounds like a game I would have enjoyed playing



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