paper, thread, wood

 This afternoon I visited the recently refurbished museum in Den Bosch HNBM/SMs, in fact they are two museums now united by a huge, glass corridor; it was a bit confusing walking from one to the other and having to check in twice! but enjoyable and the weather was sunny and not too warm and there's a beautiful garden with big birch trees, very nice.
The paper masks are by a Dutch artist Marc Mulders; I really like the simplicity of the materials used in these artworks: cutting and tearing paper, I feel like I could do this as well

 and here another simple technique in a work by an artist Marina Visic I had never heard of, apparently she made it in one single day.....I love it when you see something totally unexpected in a museum (or wherever for that matter)

p.s. when I say 'simple' I do not mean easy; I love simple stuff.

simple things like grids and rainbows; the roof is finished, what a relief! and yes Grace I would have welcomed your help, that would have been fun! ah the light we now have: de-light-ful

speaking of lights: I made one with the old 'raggels' 


your veranda, to me, is even more
great than the museum. it's
oh how i wish that could work here...the ceiling of Lights...
but, here, it's shade that is
but i LOVE looking at what you have done...such an expansive feeling...
Saskia said…
of course in your part of the world you would want shade, we crave light and sun!!
it is a huge relief it's done, the rains and snows will soon be upon us...........we're prepared



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