when I make there is no time

doorway in Maastricht

maybe this is the reason why I optimistically always have a to-do-list and always a couple of projects on the go. when working I lose all sense of time and feel only the possibility of getting things done, maybe not today this month or even this year; I just want to keep on doing and learning.
inspired by Dee's list of goals

finish 'her secret garden' in time for the exhibition in autumn with my parents
and finish the ten or so small oil-on-wood paintings I have already started, also with the exhibition in mind
finish winter piece, for same reason
make collages with both new and old materials, i.e. older work/drawings, doodle on old book pages, also for exhibition
maybe a small cuboard, or two.
make frames for all of these; in the case of working towards a deadline, this does help finishing stuff.

continue quilting the red and white
(idea for a 'seventies'quilt, using old sheets, tablecloths and curtains from my youth)

3 jacket-project: try weaving with cloth,
same with linen shirt; not sure about the trousers

spend time with family, this can be combined in  the evenings with the quilting!

continue mosaic on house




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