spring cleaning our nest

ugh, the dust after winter! Living with four people plus dog in a small house in the countryside, (the sand, mud, dog hairs and other unmentionables), add to that a woodburner, and the fact that none of us enjoy cleaning, all of this results in a rather dusty/dirty house towards the end of winter....and as the temperature rises and life will soon be moving outdoors onto the verandah and into the garden, I get the urge to (spring)clean. The cacti above have had a shower and the basket has been woven with felt for the birds'nests, I will add dog hairs after Tungsten has let me brush him!!  all part of the SC.
The wool-for-the-birds-basket is not  my own idea, I found this via Nancy over on living felt.
Anyway I have made a brave start this morning in the bathroom and kitchen and will need several more days and hands to get the job done!

for now I'm off to the office




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