mini free market

it's my sister-in-law's birthday today and as she is such a great cook, I made her a fun brooch with one of the cute buttons I bougth last friday.
glorious sunshine, good reason to open the  mini free market early this year! lots of (art)books and dvd's. In the background you can see our house


you have posted SO MANY THINGS!!!
sometimes, it's fun to come like
this and see a flow of days from
someone's life. to know you are
spring cleaning, see your son's
ingenuity and the new part of
town. and then your stitchings...
and especially the White side, so
energizing to wouldn't
think of white that way, maybe,
but for me, yes. very much.
Thank You. and i tried to see the
little display up close, in front
of your house but it's Sunday night and it won't come up, so i'll try again in the morning. little details about you. nice.
Saskia said…
hi Grace, yes the white side does look full of quiet energy; at the age of 48 I have fallen in love with stitching, and want the more I learn the more I want to learn about it, it's as simple as that!



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