for a while our eldest son at the age of three, collected stones in his mouth; he would wander  off into the garden, potter about and eventually return to me with a mischievous look in his eyes; ' spit it out,' was all I had to say and he had a small offering for me: a stone he placed in the palm of my hand straight from his mouth; I collected them, until one day he stopped. The stones rested in a mug, gathering dust and then one day, while working on a mosaic, I suddenly saw that they were meant to be stuck all together like a mosaic, and that is what i did, onto a bit of wood that was lying around. hi Grace , do you think this could be a cairn?


Anonymous said…
boys and stones!! I remember one summer at the beach on the Vineyard, my elder son and my nephew (were they 2 1/2 maybe) throwing stone after stone after stone into the waves.
Saskia said…
hey Dee, I'm the stone gatherer these days, their interests lie elsewhere...(I blame hormones and computers) although they do always try flicking (?) the flat ones across the water, and I encourage them to look out for heart shaped ones;
and welcome to you polder princess -lol- it was D., he didn't talk, just spat those stones...
i believe it IS a cairn.
and i love that he gave them to
you with his mouth.
for me, that would be an of course,
Stones needing to be wet, so their
best beauty is visible...
my kids and i spent our vacations
in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a large part of which was spent on hands and knees, looking for stones, finding and then licking them, to see them wet.
thanks for posting this.



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