cloth collage

feeling frustrated at having done nothing creative today I said to myself , alright then DO something then and I did, glued bits onto other bits onto the length of cotton freshly dyed with avocado and earl grey tea leaves; and now I can rest and look at it again tomorrow and decide if the background cotton will remain a long piece, roughly twice the length you can see in the photo, or a shorter one...and I will sew it all together and the whole backpiece will go onto yet another piece of linen, I think. and there need to be lots of tiny stitches and more colour; so I am thinking about it quite a lot, already.....


Drucilla said…
i love this! lots of tiny stitches will be perfect.
Saskia said…
thank you for your comment, it has made me look again and I have decided to cut the backcloth in half and keep this first idea going for this piece and the other half will become another house-piece with a more colourful nine-patch house to match the floral curtainstrip which represents (part of) the garden



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