despite the grey, wet weather I am in a happy mood;
several reasons: I have signed up for my first online class over at Jude's   hurray

in 'all is not lost' the small nine-patch has been switched for the original mini-quilt, the colours work better this way; the nine patch will have it's own piece, with other bits of  home dyed cloth; there is a pot in the kitchen with linen and cotton and avocado, developing;

the blue jacket is weaving it's way to fulfilment.  

this is a newspaper clipping of a detail from Mondrian's Boogie Woogie; I like the fact that you can see how he was searching; his work is often described as being very austere, but close up you can see his corrections and bits of tape, always looking and re-thinking, shifting and perfecting....

my lower back ache is lessening, the temperature outside is rising, the days are lengthening, more (grey) light


so i am going to do this backwards. first here, then the last 2 posts...which i have had on my screen all a way,
have been "at your house"...
it must be the Contemporary Boro
class of Jude's...i think the
only one now....
and YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!



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