Friday, 2 March 2012


this jacket (a gift) has turned blue; it used to be brown, a brown I cannot wear and I so didn't; but I liked the jacket and decorated it with sequins, textile paints and machine-stichting in various colours but I still didn't wear it. Yesterday I realised what it needed was a dye and I dyed it a jeans blue and it turned out all right and now I see I have to use denim weaving  to finish it and so I washed all my denim cut offs and they are drying in the studio and it's beautifully blue in here.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

somehow, this photograph of the
blues hanging from your ceiling
brought me INTO your space, your world. i love looking at it.
really. a lot. it's like looking at a surprise bit of myself that i didn't expect to see.
the jacket is gathering unto itself a life of it's own.....

saskia said...

hey Grace, how wonderful you enjoyed staying in my space!
you know I have been feeling great all day, maybe your vibes were coming through, the sharing of it all....
are you in the Boro class as well, I hope so, that would be fun.