blue grey sunday

bumblebees are out and about again, a couple of them have moved in to this birdhouse

there is nectar for them in the willow catkins and there are loads of those here in bogland; I like the contrast of the bright lime green leaves and the blue/purples. The blue cotton on the left soaked for 12 hours in the dye pot, the bits of cloth in the middle and on the right were left to soak for appr. 26 hours and turned out purple. All were soaked in soy milk for appr. 16 hours, the same amount of time the black beans were soaking in water. I wrung out the excess soy milk and put the wet cloth straight into the dye pot; I have no idea it drying between soy dip and dye makes a difference. I am experimenting here and have used information I found on Deanna's blog  Eclectic-Meanderings here and Peggy's blog woman with wings here


jude said…
nice to see your experiments. drying and curing the soymilk mordant makes a difference. I got this information in India Flint's book.
Saskia said…
thanks for the tip, I've got to do a lot more reading/researching and experimenting, how wonderful



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