not so silent night

 a Christmas candle-lit dinner, everybody who's anybody in their being-world is there, somewhere; some are at the table, others are even on it; there are those who prefer to remain in their tree-home and several butterflies, moths and the grasshopper elected to keep apart so as not to be mistaken for food.....the most moveable critters are indeed moving about, keeping all entertained

the dino brothers are up to their acrobatic tricks

jaws dropped once the Mexican owl flamethrower started throwing flames.....

then they all fell silent for the sweet high notes of our American choir, and just when everybody was all choked up and dabbing at their eyes.....

there came yet another surprise: the one-eyed dare devil driving his dangerously rickety contraption (he lost his other eye driving the same vehicle last year!)

followed by bellows of laughter as the payaso* arrived in his avocado 

chef and his assistant supervised the comings and goings of the many courses, such as there were: peanut stuffed with maggots, raw beetle, blue berry & lime seed dessert, celery salad, tomato salad, mixed seeds, dolmadakia, sweet chestnuts, pollen and so on

whilst fat rat is happily chewing left overs in the kitchen

the turkeys stay aloof, just to be on the safe side as they're not convinced turkey's not on the menu at Christmas 

winged insects enjoying their flowery treat
wishing you all a Merry X-mas from the gang in the Birdhut, where things have moved on a bit from the niceties of a refined dinner, as some are dancing on the table by now to music that in my book has nothing to do with Christmas and/or quiet nights, alas no pics.....some things are best left to the imagination; to help you shuffle along a video from LMFAO Party Rock Anthem
* clown


Liz A said…
Joyeux Noel!
(because I've always loved the sound of it said this way)
Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas ... a twelve days of it
Liz A said…
Minor correction: "all twelve days of it"
Judy--- said…
i think it's time to take this show on the road--
if the critters are willing.
probably some would say ok --
others might say -you have got to be kidding.
in the meantime --
best wishes to all-
& of course--to all a goodnight.
sweet dreams.
Ms. said…
love it love it love it!
Nancy said…
Working backwards through your posts, which makes more sense than one would think. This is the perfect music to rock the house!
jan said…
Oh how fantastic Saskia! Wonderful tales, and critters galore! Love it. X



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