Best Wishes

although we're not all in the photo - we did set a time and date, but not everybody was able to make it here - we do all of us wish you a Happy New Year, may 2015 bring you the very best of everything you wish/need/hope for

(....and in the unlikely event, things do not go according to plan, make the best of what does happen to come your way....)


Mo Crow said…
clink! a toast to you & yours Saskia from 4am on Day 1 of 2015 here in the Land Down Under!
Liz A said…
Ah you and yours are approaching the midnight hour ... Happy New Year from Oklahoma (as we are once again trekking across the countryside to see our grands ... only 1500 miles round trip this time ;)
Suzanna said…
Saskia, Happy New Year to all of you...I have enjoyed your tales all year!
Nancy said…
Ah, and Happy New Year to you my storytelling friend. When I first glanced this picture, I was reminded of the many times that I have tried to get a group of toddlers to smile for the camera at the same time!! Heehee
Love to ALL gathered here
Ms. said…
Big love to each and every one of you and all not present for the picture. may the New Year bring you all you need.



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